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Looking for a new mannequin or refreshing the exisitng you have ?

We renovate old mannequins in a way, that makes them look totaly new, with any surface you like - even high gloss. Read all about it !

Windowdisplay & Mannequins

We are a Danish supplier of mannequins and retail merchandising. We have the best prices and our customers are more friends than bussines related.

Often you will find competitions inhere, which everybody can take part in. You do not need to have or own a shop. 

Right now our most sold mannequin, are on a imagery world travel. We like you all, to send us pictures af all kind of fashion shop windows + mannequins. All pictures will be shown in the "mannequin inspitation" here on this website.

Our most sold model in central station looking for shopwindows.

Mannequiner til butikker

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